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Places in Belarus with OL

Search and find places in Belarus with first letters OL.

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Alphabetical index of places in Belarus with OL

There are 89 places in Belarus beginning with 'OL' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Ol'gerdovo   to   Ol'shevtsy
Places in Belarus with OL
Ol'gerdovo Ol’gerdovo1.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'ginyany Ol’ginyany2.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya-
Ol'govo Ol’govo3.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'govtsy Ol’govtsy4.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya-
Ol'kha Ol’kha5.Brest Brest-
Ol'khovaya Ol’khovaya6.Gomel Gomel-
Ol'khovets Ol’khovets7.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'khovets Ol’khovets8.Mogilev Mogilev-
Ol'khovets Ol’khovets9.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka10.Brest Brest-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka11.Gomel Gomel-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka12.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka13.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka14.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka15.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka16.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka17.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka18.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka19.Mogilev Mogilev-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka20.Mogilev Mogilev-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka21.Mogilev Mogilev-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka22.Mogilev Mogilev-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka23.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'khovka Ol’khovka24.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'khovo Ol’khovo25.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya-
Ol'khovoye Ol’khovoye26.Gomel Gomel-
Ol'khovtsy Ol’khovtsy27.-
Ol'kovichi Ol’kovichi28.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya-
Ol'manskaya Koshana Ol’manskaya Koshana29.Brest Brest-
Ol'manskiye Kaliniki Ol’manskiye Kaliniki30.Brest Brest-
Ol'nitsa Ol’nitsa31.Mogilev Mogilev-
Ol'pen' Ol’pen’32.Brest Brest-
Ol'shanets Ol’shanets33.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'shaniki Ol’shaniki34.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'shaniki Ol’shaniki35.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'shaniki Ol’shaniki36.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'shaniki Pervyye Ol’shaniki Pervyye37.Mogilev Mogilev-
Ol'shaniki Vtoryye Ol’shaniki Vtoryye38.Mogilev Mogilev-
Ol'shanitsa Ol’shanitsa39.Brest Brest-
Ol'shanka Ol’shanka40.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'shanka Ol’shanka41.Minsk Minsk-
Ol'shanka Ol’shanka42.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'shanka Malaya Ol’shanka Malaya43.-
Ol'shany Ol’shany44.Brest Brest-
Ol'shany Ol’shany45.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya-
Ol'shany Ol’shany46.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'shchina Ol’shchina47.Vitebsk Vitebsk-
Ol'shevo Ol’shëvo48.-
Ol'shevo Ol’shëvo49.Brest Brest-
Ol'shevtsy Ol’shevtsy50.Minsk Minsk-

1 - 50 of 89 places
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