Places within 10 km around Minsk

Browse all places in Belarus within a radius of 10 km around Minsk.

54 places found in Belarus within 10 km around Minsk.

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Places 10 km around Minsk

54 places found in Belarus within 10 km around Minsk.
Places in the regional area of Minsk
Minske ghetto Minske ghetto-1.8 km 1.1 mishow
Malyavshchina Malyavshchina-2.9 km 1.8 mishow
Maloye Medvezhino Maloye Medvezhino-3.3 km 2.0 mishow
Stolovaya Stolovaya-3.7 km 2.3 mishow
Ol'shevo Ol’shëvo-3.8 km 2.3 mishow
Budilovo Budilovo-3.8 km 2.3 mishow
Sheypichi Sheypichi-3.9 km 2.4 mishow
Sokolyanka Sokolyanka-3.9 km 2.4 mishow
Kal'variya Kal’variya-4.9 km 3.1 mishow
Serebryanka Serebryanka-5.4 km 3.4 mishow
Drazhnya Drazhnya-5.5 km 3.4 mishow
Slepnya Slepnya-5.7 km 3.5 mishow
Kruptsy Kruptsy-5.7 km 3.6 mishow
Griskovshchina Griskovshchina-5.7 km 3.6 mishow
Khutor Apolinarovo Khutor Apolinarovo-6.0 km 3.7 mishow
Loshitsa Loshitsa-6.1 km 3.8 mishow
Navinki Navinki-6.5 km 4.1 mishow
Vostok Vostok-6.7 km 4.1 mishow
Zelenyy Lug Zelënyy Lug-6.7 km 4.2 mishow
Masyukovshchina Masyukovshchina-7.0 km 4.3 mishow
Podbolot'ye Podbolot’ye-7.1 km 4.4 mishow
Loshitsa Loshitsa-7.5 km 4.7 mishow
Vilkovshchina Vilkovshchina-7.5 km 4.7 mishow
Druzhba Druzhba-7.5 km 4.7 mishow
Stepyanka Stepyanka-7.5 km 4.7 mishow
Kurasovshchina Kurasovshchina-7.7 km 4.8 mishow
Tsna Tsna-7.7 km 4.8 mishow
Korzyuki Korzyuki-7.7 km 4.8 mishow
Angarskaya Angarskaya-7.8 km 4.8 mishow
Rzhavets Rzhavets-7.8 km 4.8 mishow
Zatsen' Zatsen’-7.8 km 4.8 mishow
Rylovshchina Rylovshchina-7.8 km 4.9 mishow
Novoye Medvezhino Novoye Medvezhino-7.9 km 4.9 mishow
Zapad Zapad-7.9 km 4.9 mishow
Syenitsa Syenitsa5,0007.9 km 4.9 mishow
Chizhovka Chizhovka-8.0 km 5.0 mishow
Tsnyanka Tsnyanka-8.0 km 5.0 mishow
Yugo-Zapad Yugo-Zapad-8.1 km 5.0 mishow
Kuntsevshchina Kuntsevshchina-8.2 km 5.1 mishow
Kolyadichi Kolyadichi-8.3 km 5.2 mishow
Sukharevo Sukharëvo-8.4 km 5.2 mishow
Yakubovichi Yakubovichi-8.6 km 5.4 mishow
Baravaya Baravaya-8.9 km 5.5 mishow
Dvorishche Dvorishche-9.0 km 5.6 mishow
Masyukovshchina Masyukovshchina-9.1 km 5.6 mishow
Kopiyevichi Kopiyevichi-9.2 km 5.7 mishow
Bol'shoye Stiklevo Bol’shoye Stiklevo9679.4 km 5.9 mishow
Yubilyeyny Yubilyeyny3,0009.5 km 5.9 mishow
Uruch'ye Uruch’ye-9.5 km 5.9 mishow
Kopishche Kopishche-9.6 km 6.0 mishow
Malinovka Malinovka-9.7 km 6.0 mishow
Malinovka Malinovka-9.9 km 6.1 mishow
Drozdovo Drozdovo3509.9 km 6.1 mishow
Kuntsawshchyna Kuntsawshchyna-10.0 km 6.2 mishow

You can reduce or expand the radius of your search of places around Minsk: 5 km15 km