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Largest places in Belarus

The largest cities and places in Belarus at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Belarus.

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Largest places in Belarus
Minsk Minsk1.Minsk Minsk1,742,124
Gomel Gomel2.Gomel Gomel480,951
Mahilyow Mahilyow3.Mogilev Mogilev369,200
Vitebsk Vitebsk4.Vitebsk Vitebsk342,700
Hrodna Hrodna5.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya317,365
Brest Brest6.Brest Brest300,715
Babruysk Babruysk7.Mogilev Mogilev220,517
Baranovichi Baranovichi8.Brest Brest168,772
Pinsk Pinsk9.Brest Brest130,777
Orsha Orsha10.Vitebsk Vitebsk125,347
Novoye Medvezhino Novoye Medvezhino11.Minsk Minsk120,000
Mazyr Mazyr12.Gomel Gomel112,137
Salihorsk Salihorsk13.Minsk Minsk101,614
Maladzyechna Maladzyechna14.Minsk Minsk101,300
Navapolatsk Navapolatsk15.Vitebsk Vitebsk100,885
Horad Barysaw Horad Barysaw16.Minsk Minsk100,000
Lida Lida17.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya98,036
Polatsk Polatsk18.Vitebsk Vitebsk82,258
Zhlobin Zhlobin19.Gomel Gomel73,089
Svyetlahorsk Svyetlahorsk20.Gomel Gomel71,250
Rechytsa Rechytsa21.Gomel Gomel65,400
Slutsk Slutsk22.Minsk Minsk62,228
Horad Zhodzina Horad Zhodzina23.Minsk Minsk61,007
Slonim Slonim24.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya51,434
Kobryn Kobryn25.Brest Brest50,691
Vawkavysk Vawkavysk26.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya47,300
Kalinkavichy Kalinkavichy27.Gomel Gomel37,190
Smarhon' Smarhon’28.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya36,900
Rahachow Rahachow29.Gomel Gomel34,700
Asipovichy Asipovichy30.Mogilev Mogilev34,591
Horki Horki31.Mogilev Mogilev33,897
Navahrudak Navahrudak32.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya30,748
Vilyeyka Vilyeyka33.Minsk Minsk30,000
Byaroza Byaroza34.Brest Brest29,645
Krychaw Krychaw35.Mogilev Mogilev27,681
Luninyets Luninyets36.Brest Brest25,000
Dzyarzhynsk Dzyarzhynsk37.Minsk Minsk24,609
Ivatsevichy Ivatsevichy38.Brest Brest24,200
Hlybokaye Hlybokaye39.Vitebsk Vitebsk22,000
Pastavy Pastavy40.Vitebsk Vitebsk20,218
Mar''ina Horka Mar’’ina Horka41.Minsk Minsk20,100
Pruzhany Pruzhany42.Brest Brest19,135
Dobrush Dobrush43.Gomel Gomel19,083
Bykhaw Bykhaw44.Mogilev Mogilev17,500
Lyepyel' Lyepyel’45.Vitebsk Vitebsk17,400
Kalodzishchy Kalodzishchy46.Minsk Minsk17,000
Masty Masty47.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya16,102
Shchuchin Shchuchin48.Grodnenskaya Grodnenskaya15,700
Stowbtsy Stowbtsy49.Minsk Minsk15,500
Lyasny Lyasny50.Minsk Minsk15,000

1 - 50 of 322 places
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